About Feather Merchant

The Male Bowerbird

The male bowerbird is uniquely known for the curious behavior of collecting and displaying shiny things in its bower (a type of large nest). Drawing on this parallel, the bowerbird has been adopted as a fitting mascot for FeatherMerchant.com whose purpose is to showcase the world's best logos.

Visual Identity (Logo) Design

There's a common misconception that the quality of a logo is entirely subjective, little more than corporate abstract art. But we endeavour to show that good visual identities (logos for short) are underpinned by common, objective traits.

Perhaps the mission of a logo is best summed up by the age worn platitude that "a picture is worth a thousand words". It follows then, that the success of a logo can be measured by the accuracy of the words it evokes about its subject.

Knowing Where to Hit

There are many variations of an adage which roughly goes something like this:

A professional is called in to repair a broken machine. After examining it briefly, he takes out a hammer and hits it once, at which it promptly begins to work again. A little while later an objection is raised when a bill is received for $1000. "You charged $1000 to hit the machine once?", the professional is asked. "No", he replied, "it was $10 to hit the machine, $990 for knowing where to hit it".

Likewise, logo design is less about hitting and more about knowing where to hit, because everyone can design a logo, but few can design a good logo.

Combating the Bad

And so, for every Ottawa Senators logo there will always be ten Anaheim Ducks', but if the ignorance of good design and the travesty of poor design is to be combated, it will happen most effectively by directing our dollars towards the former.